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"Teddy" - Quaker Parrot

Hold mouse over the speakers to hear Teddy talk and sing!!

Call the kitty sound file "Call the Kitty..." Old McTeddy sound file "Old McTeddy had a farm..." Rub a dub dub sound file "Rub a dub dub..."

Teddy (Quaker Parakeet '91 hatch)

Teddy came to us at about 10 months old. Our best talker, he has been know to learn new words and phrases in a very short time. He is quite adept at making his needs and wants known, using the correct words for the situation such as "Is it good?" and "Mmm good" if he wants a taste of something you are eating, or "Rub-a-dub-dub, Teddy in the bathtub" when he wants to take a bath. He is super possessive of his cage and surrounding territory, very typical behavior for a quaker.

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