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Caique Pricing & Availability

Updated March 15, 2021

  Price Currently Available

White-bellied Caique
(P. l. xanthomeria)
$1,400. ea

Waiting list is CLOSED for 2021!

Black-headed Caique
(P. melanocephala)
$1,400. ea.

Waiting list is CLOSED for 2021!

Prices include DNA sexing (w/certificate) and Polyoma vaccinations (2).
A $200 deposit is required for babies currently handfeeding.
Availability subject to prior sale - Prices subject to change.

Phone: (561) 753-8018

Cell: (561) 289-1983 (ONLY if not at above #)


mailing address:
PO Box 210122
Royal Palm Beach, FL 33421-1022


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