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Caique Breeder's Brag Book!

Meet some of our baby Caiques in their new homes

White bellied Caique - Cliffhanger
White-bellied Caique - Cliffhanger

Cliffhanger arrived in San Diego, CA, May 2007, and hanging on one toe in the kennel cab he got his name. He already likes going on bike rides and playing rough and tumble with his new friends and family. His favorite exercise is somersaulting, rolling around on his back, and galloping after us. His best friend is Pandora, a female parrotlet that is as adventurous as he is. They both like to play, eat, and drink together and they ignore all the macaw noises outside. At night he jumps into his fish tank (no water) and falls asleep with his toys. Cliffhanger is quite a joy to have and is part of the family. Thank you Gloria!

Cliffhanger lives with the Vue family in San Diego, CA.

White-bellied Caique - Scooter
White-bellied Caique - Scooter

Here is Scooter playing atop his cage. This guy is a bundle of energy!! He paused for a moment to examine the camera then went right back to his usual antics. His colors are getting brighter by the day and he has really settled in to his new home. Thanks so much for sending us such a wonderful little buddy!

Scooter lives with Dick in Chesapeake,VA.

White-bellied Caiques - Scout & Cooper
White-bellied Caiques - Scout & Cooper

Cooper arrived in Michigan in July 2006, and was my traveling companion for almost a year while we shuttled back & forth between Michigan and Chicago. Cooper is quite the character and has kept me laughing with his antics from the minute I picked him up at the ariport. He LOVES to climb and spends almost as much time hanging upside down as he does standing up.

Scout joined our flock in July 2007 and she is as sweet as Cooper is crazy. Her favorite place to be is snuggled up on my shoulder, and she loves to play on her back and bird-wrestle with Cooper. The two of them are fast friends, and I can't imagine a day without them - they've brought so much joy and energy to our family!

Scout & Cooper live in Michigan with Kate and family.

White bellied Caiques - JoJo & Chickie
White-bellied Caiques - JoJo & Chickie
Hi folks, I'm JoJo the good looking guy on the left, I hatched 4/15/05. The silly girl on the right is Chickie, she hatched 6/5/05. Mom got her cause I was lonely. Chickie thinks she's the boss of me, but she's really not. She started saying "Peekaboo" so now I say it too. We both also say "Rudy" who is a Redbelly Parrot that Chickie adores, why I don't know. Our favorite words are "Cheeeckie" and "JoJoooooooooo." We love to play and eat and have lots of fun!

We love foot toys that we can destroy like chewy beads, paper twists and pine squares. We love to dangle from the hanging toys and wrestle each other. Food! Fruit, fruit and more fruit! Pomegranates are our #1 favorite, then berries of all sorts. We love our steamed carrots. Our mom hangs fruits and veggies on skewers for us, corn on the cob is fun to eat this way, and oranges too.

We live in the Florida panhandle with our Mom, Saroj.

White bellied Caique - Dory
White-bellied Caique - Dory

Here is Dory at one year old, she hatched March 2007. Dory is a little chatterbox during the day. Between the odd noises she learned from her step brother caique, Rocky, and her own little jibber jabber, she is quite the noise maker. She loves her fruit dish, especially her orange slices. She also loves sitting on the towel bar with me periodically in the shower!

Dory lives in south Florida with Shari & Gary.

White-belly Caique - Zoey
White-bellied Caique - Zoey

This is Zoey who has adjusted to our home as if she was born here. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous about purchasing a weaned bird and having her shipped to me. I am used to going to the breeder, choosing a baby on 2 feedings and finishing the weaning process myself. But Zoey is quite the gem. All went well with her arrival and she was pleasant from the start. She has adapted well to all of us in our family.

She is a sweet, delightful bundle of gorgeous feathers with an energetic, playful attitude. She eats well and will taste everything but especially loves her corn.

Zoey lives with Eve and Bill in Cookeville, TN.

White belly Caiques - Penelope & Pollux
White-bellied Caiques - Penelope & Pollux

Meet Penelope! (or Penny for short) She arrived in the Spring of 2006 and is now the official shower and towel-surfing champion of Atlanta. She loves to be wherever we are and makes a great sidekick for our older caique, Pollux. Though her assertiveness will mean he'll be the sidekick soon. She's terrific with other birds, people and yes even our rescued greyhound.

Did you know that caiques make great alarm clocks? I like to sleep in on the weekends as much as possible, but my fiancée keeps thinking of creative ways to wake me up. I know what's coming when I hear "Penny, go wake up Ed" *click* *click* *click* goes the sound of little caique feet running across the floor. *rustle* *rustle* *rustle*, I can hear someone climbing up the comforter with all her might. *tap* *tap* *tap*, something small, feathery and cute is running across my chest. Then *chomp*, there's a little miss Penelope honking my nose. It's time to get up and play!

Penny currently resides in Atlanta and allows Ed, Joie, Pollux, and Odin to live with her

White-bellied Caique - Sweetiepie
White-bellied Caique - Sweetiepie

My name is Sweetiepie cause that's what my new mommy calls me all the time. I live in the kitchen with two big windows in a large cage filled with toys. My favorite is this long rope thing I can climb on and play with a bell at the end. I like to lay on my back and kick it with my feet, Mommy laughs when I do this. She says I'm an eating machine, that's true She makes me birdie bread, Gloria gave her the recipe, yummy!

I came to live here in July 2006. My Mommy picked me up when I was only 13 weeks old. I was sorry to say good bye to Gloria and my clutch mates.

Sweetiepie lives in south Florida with Wendy.

White bellied Caique - Kiki
White-bellied Caique - Kiki

KiKi, (not very imaginative, but very apt for her) has been quite an addition to our family. She arrived in November 2004 and I have to say it's been the best experience!! She gives us SO much joy, fun, entertainment and love and has enriched our lives!!!

I know you had a lot to do with how well she is doing at our home due to the foods you raised her on, but also how she was treated early on and that seamless leg band is very cool. She likes everyone in our family and enjoys their company! She's a very touchy, feely, cuddly bird. Thank you again for the little package that continues to give us big joy!

Kiki lives in California with Dr. Harry Wong.

Black-headed Caique - Kali
Black-headed Caique - Kali

This is Kali (named after the Hindu goddess of mayhem and destruction), who I brought home from Shady Pines in 2001. She's playing "Pickles loves me, he loves me not" with some fresh sunflowers from the garden (Pickles is her little brother). She's a fun-filled adventurous caique who makes us laugh every day. She's bold and sassy and very cunning. In addition to learning a few tricks, she loves playing practical jokes on her brother Pickles and myself. When Pickles is eating something yummy and won't share, she lets out a piercing alarm scream that sends him bolting in fright. Then she giggles and picks up his food. She lives up to her name and is a big fan of destroying things (like any parrot). She adores taking apart Legos and shredding wood. Her very favorite activity, however, is "hair-surfing" in wet hair. She's definitely a caique clown!

Kali lives in Florida with Heidi & Pickles.

White-bellied Caique - Poppy
White-bellied Caique - Poppy

Poppy has had me wrapped around her cute little caique toe since Gloria sent me the first baby picture of her. The typical exuberant caique, Poppy now spends much of her day whistling and playing with her toys while upside down with something in both feet and beak. Though very playful, she also loves our snuggle time, and would much rather be tucked under my chin murmuring happily than just about anything else.

I can't imagine my life without this little ray of sunshine. Thanks Gloria for raising such a beautiful, gentle, and very loving little bird!

Poppy lives in Washington state with Emily.

White bellied Caiques - Junebug & Cricket
White-bellied Caiques - Junebug & Cricket

Junebug is the happiest, cuddliest, most trusting little handful ever. She jumps like an athlete, eats almost everything, and cuddles with her new people so enthusiastically. She made a buddy of the ruling adult caique (Cricket, 4 years old - also a darling) within days of introduction, but her favorite place is still right in the middle of whatever the humans are doing.

Juni lives with Evan and Barbara on the Oregon coast.

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