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The Pet Birds of Shady Pines Aviary

Alexandrine Parakeet - Captain
Captain  (Alexandrine Parakeet '87 hatch)
Captain came to us as a three-year-old feather chewer. Extensive veterinary testing determined his chewing is psychological, and there has been some improvement over the years. Although not fond of hands or fingers, he will sit on anyone's shoulder for hours giving kisses. He especially loves meeting new people and children. He is an excellent talker, but his vocabulary is limited to a few phrases. For more photos of Captain, click here!

Congo African Grey - Tuki

 (Congo African Grey '90 hatch)
African Greys are noted for their excellent talking ability, however Tuki must have read the wrong book. Although her speech is excellent, her vocabulary is extremely limited. She is very bonded to Ron, tolerates Gloria, and barely tolerates everyone else! For more photos of Tuki, click here!

Quaker Parakeet - Teddy
 (Quaker Parakeet '91 hatch)
Teddy came to us at about 10 months old. Our best talker, he has been know to learn new words and phrases in a very short time. He is quite adept at making his needs and wants known, using the correct words for the situation such as "Is it good?" and "Mmm good" if he wants a taste of something you are eating, or "Rub-a-dub-dub, Teddy in the bathtub" when he wants to take a bath. He is super possessive of his cage and surrounding territory, very typical behavior for a quaker. For more photos of Teddy, or to hear him talk and sing click here!

Black-headed Caiques - Oliver & NitroOliv-her & Nitro (Black-headed Caiques '93 & '97 hatch)
Oliv-her was the first baby Caique we ever raised. She was hatched from an egg that had been previously found ice cold, abandoned by her parents. Originally named "Oliver" when we thought the baby was male, her name was modified after DNA sexing identified her as female. She grew up with Reebok who hatched the same year and although they were very bonded we did maintain individual pet relationships with each of them. They were together until his untimely passing in the spring of 2004.

Nitro joined Oliv-her later that year and although they got off to a rocky start they eventually formed a strong bond and even nested in 2007. For more about Oliv-her, Reebok & Nitro, click here!

White-bellied Caiques - Ollie & Special

Ollie & Special
 (White-bellied Caiques '92 & '98 hatch)
Ollie came to us as a two year old, originally purchased as a future breeder. He quickly became one of the family. Although he has his moody moments, he is basically a good natured, loving bird who enjoys being touched and tickled all over. In 2000 Ollie was joined by Special, another two-year-old. Although they may squabble at time, they are best buddies. For more photos of Ollie, and his pal Special, click here!

Blue-fronted Amazon - Lucky

 (Blue-fronted Amazon '98 hatch)
Lucky was tossed from the nestbox (by Mom?) within hours of hatching. Although he fell almost five feet down, he fortunately landed in a freshly filled bowl of seed and pellets. A few inches to the left and he would have gone thru the cage wire to the ground. A few inches the other way and he would have drowned in the water bowl. He is truly deserving of the name Lucky! For more photos of Lucky, and to hear him sing, click here!


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