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"Oliv-her" & "Nitro" - Black-headed Caiques

Oliv-her and Reebok were among the first baby Caiques we ever raised. Oliv-her was hatched from an egg that had been previously found ice cold, abandoned by her parents. Originally named "Oliver" when we thought the baby was male, her name was modified after DNA sexing identified her as female. They have been together since babies, but we have maintained individual pet relationships with each. The spring of '98 they were given a nestbox if they wish to breed, but we have not encouraged this, preferring instead that they remain pets. Their speaking is limited to just a few words which are in a very high pitched, squeaky voice.

Update, June 2004: Sadly, Reebok died of Liver failure earlier this year at the tender age of 11. He lived life to the fullest and was lively and playing right up until his death. We never even knew he was sick. He did not exhibit any symptoms until the day he died. He and Oliv-her produced some chicks in 2000 & 2002, but Oliv-her was not interested in raising babies, so the babies were raised from day-1.

Oliv-her & Nitro (Black-headed Caiques '93 & '97 hatch)

Oliv-her and  NitroOliv-her & Nitro

Oliv-her and Nitro

We acquired Nitro as a companion to Oliv-her from a young girl going off to college. He is 8 years old, and hopefully they will become friends.

Update February 2008: Oliv-her and Nitro have been together three years and produced fertile eggs in 2007. As usual, Oliv-her had no interest in rearing her chicks, so they were pulled for handfeeding. They have eggs again this year. Our fingers crossed that she will rear her chicks this year!

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