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Caique Cages

Caiques require cages much larger than their physical size might lead you to believe. For pet Caiques I recommend a minimum of 24" x 24" floor space. A larger, 24" x 30" or even 36" wide is better and will accommodate a future Caique companion! Recommended bar spacing is 3/4" or 7/8", however you can go up to a maximum of 1". Caiques will use every inch of cage space they are given. They can easily become bored, they must have lots of toys and activities to keep them occupied.

Dome top cages provide more interior space. Rather that a play top, a free standing gym or playstand will allow flexibility to visit other areas of the home.

Natural wood perches of varying thickness will exercise their feet and keep them healthy. One cement or nail conditioning perch can be used to keep nails blunted, but if used, feet should be examined regularly for signs of irritation.

Our breeder cages are 30" x 30" x 60" long with a perch at each end. This allows the birds room to fly. Cages are suspended 4 feet above the floor. The nestbox is mounted outside the cage. The food bowls are placed in specially built feed stations attached to the front of the cages. This "bump out" style protects the food from being soiled or dumped over and gives the birds the use of the full length and width of the cage.

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