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"Ollie" & "Special" - White-bellied Caiques

White-bellied Caique 'Ollie'

Ollie (White-bellied Caique '92 hatch)

Ollie came to us as a two year old, originally purchased as a future breeder. He quickly became one of the family. Although he has his moody moments, he is basically a good natured, loving bird who enjoys being touched and tickled all over.

White-bellied Caique 'Ollie'
"I'm gonna getcha!!"

White-bellied Caique 'Special'
Mr. Puffy Cheeks

Special (White-bellied Caique '98 hatch)

Special also came to us as a two year old, the pet of a gal who dabbled with breeding Caiques before realizing just how much work was really involved.

Although I discourage housing two males together, Special became cagemate and companion to Ollie. Although they sometimes squabble, they quickly make up and are best friends. Special is a friendly fellow and will go to most people, although he is a bit "beaky" and can get rough. He has the puffiest cheeks I have ever seen on any Caique.

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