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Caique Breeder Cages and Nestboxes

Caique breeder cage with Nestbox
Feed station under nestbox
keeps food dish dry

Our breeding Caiques are housed in suspended cages, 30"w x 30"h x 60" long. Visual barriers are only placed between pairs that bicker. Most Caique pairs get along side by side but a few will spend all day arguing with their neighbors, those pairs get a barrier. Nestboxes are mounted outside at the front of the cage with the inspection doors facing the service aisle. The feed stations are also attached to the front of each cage, under the nestboxes. Placing food bowls under the nestboxes protects them from getting wet when the misters are turned on .


Many different styles of nestboxes can be used for Caiques. Our choice are chamber boxes, also known as apartment boxes. From the outside they look like a standard square box however a cutaway view will show a boot or "L" shaped box with an additional small chamber. It is basically a small box sitting on top of a "boot" box. This allows the male to guard the box without actually being in the nesting area.

Several inches of shredded aspenKaytee Aspen Bedding or pine shavings are put in the box. Some pairs will continually remove the bedding, we just keep adding more so that eggs are not laid on the bare wood where they may become cracked or broken.

Caiques are relatively clean and rarely defecate in their nestboxes. When there are babies however, boxes can become wet and soiled quickly so must be checked often and bedding replaced as necessary to keep the babies clean. If pairs are aggressive, be sure to close off the pair's nest access before reaching in to prevent injury to the chicks.

Caique Nestbox

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