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Shady Pines Aviary specializes in the breeding of Black-headed and White-bellied Caiques. In recent years, we have added several species of Brotogeris Parakeets including Canary-winged, White-winged, Orange-chinned, Golden-winged, and Cobalt-winged. Though somewhat difficult to breed, our Canary-winged and Orange-chinned have been regularly producing young, and in 2005 we bred three additional Brotogeris species. We were among the first to breed the beautiful color mutation Pacific Parrotlets, but have sold our breeding pairs in order to concentrate on the more challenging Brotogeris species.

Caique and Brotogeris chicks

All of our babies are handfed, closed banded, and raised with loving attention. Shady Pines Aviary has been MAP certified since 1995, having successfully completed regular veterinary inspections and meeting standards established to improve the care and breeding of exotic birds. Learn more about the MAP (Model Aviculture Program).

We are located in sunny South Florida, where the climate is well suited to the production of baby parrots. After having bred our birds inside our former home, in 2001 we built our dream home and a 2000 square foot "State of the Art" open air aviary structure. This custom designed Aviary includes a misting system which allows the birds to enjoy a rainforest atmosphere. In addition, we installed an automatic watering system which flushes the water bowls and provides fresh drinking water four times each day. View a 5 second video of our aviary watering system in operation.

Our birds are given the best diet possible, with emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables. A healthy, nutritious diet keeps our birds in excellent health and contributes to nests full of plump, healthy babies.

Shady Pines Aviary is owned and operated by Gloria and Ron Balaban. Gloria is a full time aviculturist and attends seminars and avicultural conventions for continuing education. Ron is an internationally known wildlife artist who specializes in oil paintings of exotic and endangered animals.


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