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Meet some of our baby Caiques in their new homes

Black-headed Caiques - Charlie & Jitterbug
Black-headed Caiques - Charlie & Jitterbug

Charlie (Charleston, on left) came to live with us in September of 2006. He is the epitome of the Caique personality of "10 feet tall and bulletproof".

Unfortunately, he lost his mate in late 2007. In spring of 2008, Jitterbug (right) arrived. Charlie was a bit unsure at first, but within a day, they were a happy couple, and have been delighting us ever since! We thank Gloria for giving us such happy, healthy, well adjusted babies for us to continue to spoil and enjoy!

Charlie and Jitterbug live in Oregon with Sheri and Tai.

White-bellied Caiques - Suzie-Q & Polly
White-bellied Caiques - Suzie-Q & Polly

Miss Suzie-Q flew all the way to Santa Barbara, California to be in her new home. At first Suzie-Q was quiet and shy but that didn't last long. Within a couple of days her amazing, sweet personality began to show. After several weeks, she was introduced to her new boyfriend Polly. We had fallen in love with Polly and after living here almost a year, we decided to get him a girlfriend, that's how Suzie-Q came into the picture.

The second they were put together, it was love at first sight, now they do everything together. Their favorite activities are... taking baths together, hopping upstairs to find mommy and daddy, chasing mommy and daddy around the house, helping cook any and every meal of the day, climbing up onto the table to play, rolling around and hopping everywhere, watching parrot movies, hanging upside down like bats and wrestling, snuggling with mommy and daddy, having their beaks scratched, playing board games and just being part of whatever is going on!

White bellied Caiques - Eli & Ellie
White-bellied Caiques - Eli & Ellie

Eli and Ellie hatched in January 2008 and came to live with me at four months old. I call them my "barrettes" as they love to perch one on each shoulder when they help me on the computer.

These two are such clowns - always busy, hungry, and messy. They are treasures that light up my days. Ellie is sweet and cuddly and Eli is all boy! He has trained me to play catch "Eli-style". He flings his jingle ball and I try to catch and retrieve it for him.

Beth & "Barrettes" live in Homestead, Fl.

White bellied Caiques - Hans & Heidi
White-bellied Caiques - Hans & Heidi

Our names are Hans and Heidi. We came to live in Michigan in May of 2006. We love to chew on ropes, toys and whatever else we can find. Hanging and playing like acrobats helps to keep us fit and trim.

When there are children and/or babies we entertain them with our antics and continual movement. We can whistle several happy tunes, and are in the process of learning more. We are also called "Bat-Birds" because we hang upside down so often and love to play hanging from out various perches. Of course, we also wrestle on the bottom of the cage and it seems that one of us always on our back in these little matches.

We like lettuce, sunflowers, pasta, broccoli, carrots, apples, oranges, snap peas and the great banana bread that Mom makes for us.

Black-headed Caiques - Karina & Yuki
Black-headed Caiques - Karina & Yuki

Our names are Karina and Yuki and we were hatched at Shady Pines in April 2006. We love to climb, hang upside down and play with all the toys we have. We enjoy eating veggies, bird bread, and the crazy corn Mom cooks for us. We especially love oranges and apples.

We love to give Mom kisses and body surf on her blouse. Then when we lay on our backs, she will tickle our bellies and kiss us all over. At night time we like to snuggle close together and listen to the soft classical music that Mom has playing for us all the time.

We live in Washington State with our Mom, Sharon.

White bellied Caique - Cookie
White-bellied Caique - Cookie

Hi everyone... My name is Cookie. Stevie the Wonder Caique (below) is my cousin, we were raised together in 2007 at Shady Pines Aviary. I think he is a really neat bird just like me! I turned out to be the best bird for my Mom. She gives me kisses, tickles, scratches and baths to keep me happy. She was surprised to learn that I was from Florida since she is a true Floridian too!

I also love my Dad who works long nights to make sure I get all that I need. When he comes home, I fly to him and regurgitate to him. He never liked birds before me, I guess you could say I changed his view about birds! It's fun to watch TV with him when he comes home.

My family recently moved into their first new home and I got new home too with lots of room to hop, climb and play! In the afternoons I soak up the sunshine through my window of my own room. I love my new family very much and wanted to thank Gloria and everyone at Shady Pines Aviary for helping me start my new life.

Cookie lives in Moreno Valley, California with Nancy, David & D.J.

White-bellied Caiques - Clouseau & Tia
White-bellied Caiques - Clouseau & Tia

This is Clouseau & Tia. They are both White-Bellied Caiques, hatched spring 2007 at Shady Pines where they learned to be sweet, sociable and loving birds. They were welcome additions to their adopted home, where they definitely rule the roost! One of their most favorite things to do is hop after and climb on their "human" toys and make them laugh at all of their silly antics. They are in constant motion, except when eating or sleeping. They climb, roll, wrestle, snuggle and hang upside down like little acrobats. They love foot toys and anything can easily become an instant toy. They use their beaks for everything, so it almost like a third foot!! They are generally found on the bottom of their cage rolling around with one another or a toy.

At night they love to snuggle together in their snuggle tent. They also love to eat, eating is almost as fun as playing. They enjoy fresh sprouts, fruits, veggies, birdie bread, pellets, Beak Appetit and Goldenfeast Hookbill Legume. Orange juice cocktails are also a definite treat.

Clouseau & Tia live on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

White bellied Caique - Pacqui
White-bellied Caique - Pacqui

Hi, my name is Pacqui, but my friends call me Pac. I am a pretty girl, and my best friend is my owner, Curtis. We live in Stratford, CT. I am now 7 months old (hatched Feb '07), and I pretty much run the household. I love my home because I have toys and playthings in every room on every floor. I can play while I watch the goings-ons out the front, back and side windows of my house.

Curtis says I am adorable, loving and full of energy. He lets me play roughhouse by chewing on his hands and fingers while he tries to tickle my belly when I'm laying on my back. But mostly that gets me petted and cuddled a lot, and that's what I love best. I also love to go to sleep at night laying on my side under his chin while he watches TV. Oh, the bird's life, what happiness.

White-bellied Caique - Stevie
White-bellied Caique - Stevie

Little Stevie the Wonder Caique hatched without eyes May 2007 and arrived at Newark airport three months later in a travel carrier loaded with all kinds of cubed fruit and veggies. Little Stevie was calm and ready for the 3 hour drive home.

Advised by some to put Little Stevie Wonder down at hatch, Gloria and Ron decided to let Stevie grow and experience what life had to offer. For this I am forever in their debt. He is pure joy and delight! Stevie fears nothing and now flies in his custom designed curtain heliport made over double bed mattress. When he explores the landing pad mattress, he uses his beak as a guide cane. Now how smart is that?

Stevie just loves all the different types of fruits, veggies, and sprouted legumes and grains I offer him. Currently 4 months old, I am looking forward to experiencing each new day with my amazing companion. I want to thank Momma Gloria for all the continued support and guidance.

Little Stevie the Wonder Caique lives in York, PA with Christine and her feathered flock!

White-bellied Caique - Molly
White-bellied Caique - Molly

This is Molly, she is Queen of our castle and we love her! She loves to garden with me and go shopping. Her favorite thing to do is take a shower with us. It's quiet edify as she woof whistles the entire time! Full of energy, whistles and love, as night settles in she loves to nuzzle up to my neck and get scratches around her head.

Molly lives with Christine in San Luis Obispo, California

White-bellied Caique - Pablo
White-bellied Caique - Pablo

Hello! My name is Pablo. I am a beautiful and spoiled baby living in Reno, Nevada. My family wanted me so much they had to drive to San Francisco to pick me up at the airport. I spent my first night at the finest hotel in Union Square where I had to be smuggled in and cuddled a lot. I am proud to say that I behaved myself quite well. The next day we went over the Sierras and I finally arrived at my home. I was very happy to be in my nice big cage full of toys.

I have two loving "sisters" to play with and my "Mom and Dad" who spoil me with fresh fruit and veggies. My favorite hobby is hair surfing and I love to play the piano and sing with my sister. I think my life is pretty good here. Now if I could just figure out a way to get rid of that stupid dog!

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