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Handfed Caiques and Brotogeris Parakeets

Frequently Asked Questions

 Are babies available year-round?

 Both Caiques and Brotogeris Parakeets are seasonal breeders. Babies usually hatch between February and July. We begin accepting deposits only after babies have hatched.

 How do I know if babies are currently available?

 Check the appropriate price list for Caiques or Brotogeris. Our price lists will always indicate if babies are currently available.

 How old are the babies when they go to their new homes?

 Babies go to their new homes only when fully weaned, about 13-14 weeks for Caiques, 9 weeks for Brotogeris.

 Can I buy a male and female that are not related?

 Yes. Our breeding collection is comprised of many different bloodlines. Through careful record-keeping we can ensure an unrelated pair. We will not sell brother/sister pairs under any circumstances to prevent inbreeding.

 Can I buy an unweaned baby and finish the handfeeding myself?

 No. We have found from our many years of experience that babies wean best in a group. Babies that are allowed to wean with other babies are more well-adjusted and make better companion birds.

 I live in another state. How would I receive a bird from you?

 We have many years of experience shipping birds by air. Please see our Shipping page for more information.

 Do you offer a guarantee?

 Yes. Please see our Health Guarantee for details.

 How do I start the process of buying a Caique or Brotogeris Parakeet from Shady Pines Aviary?

 The quickest way to to call (561)753-8018. We require telephone contact to set up purchase arrangements. If your baby is not yet weaned, we will reserve it for you with either a $200 deposit for a Caique or a $100 for a Brotogeris.

 What forms of payment do you accept?

 Our preferred method is PayPal. We issue a PayPal invoice which will allow you to pay via credit card or from your PayPal account. Personal checks and money orders will require up to two weeks to clear.

 Can you ship birds outside the US?

 Sorry, US sales only. We are unable to export due to Federal laws.


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