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"Lucky" - Blue-fronted Amazon Parrot

Hold mouse over the speakers to hear Lucky talk and sing!!

I'm a Lucky Bird sound file "I'm a Lucky Bird" Popeye the Sailor Man sound file "I'm Popeye the Sailor Man" Doggie in the Window  sound file "Doggie in the Window"

I Love you Mama sound file "I Love you Mama" Where's Papa sound file "Where's Papa?"

Lucky (Blue-fronted Amazon '98 hatch)

Lucky was tossed from the nestbox (by Mom?) within hours of hatching. Although he fell almost five feet down, he fortunately landed in a freshly filled bowl of seed and pellets. A few inches to the left and he would have gone thru the cage wire to the ground. A few inches the other way and he would have drowned in the water bowl. He is truly deserving of the name Lucky!


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