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Parrotlet Resources

We are no longer breeding Parrotlets. We will continue to provide our web pages on Parrotlet care and breeding, but will no longer be able to answer Parrotlet questions due to limited time. See our Parrotlet Resource page for links to other useful Parrotlet websites, chat groups and organizations.

Please visit our Caique and Brotogeris Parakeet webpages

  • Parrotlet Express - An email group all about Parrotlets. Discussions include health, safety, nutrition, toys, training - anything and everything to do with Parrotlets.

  • Parrotlets Plus - A parrotlet chat list concentrating on the tiny, 4" parrot known commonly as the "parrotlet". We promote health, care, well being and friendship among owners.

  • An Introduction to Parrotlets - Winged Wisdom Pet Bird Ezine


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